Before I Make Love by Safrina Ahmed

Before I Make Love 


Before I make love,

I open the hotel window so

The tree branches touch us.

I palp the day’s antlers,


I make sure you don’t know

I love, uncompromised.


I remember your hands,

Like two parting planets.


I see your mouth

Fall across me

Like someone grabbing their coat.


I press my hands into

The Earth,

Ask for flowers.


I whisper my nine crimes

Into your ears.


Before I make love,

I lay my head back

And promise this is normal.


Safrina Ahmed: I have been commended in the Foyle Young Poets Award (2010), won the Foyle Young Poets Award (2011) and therefore have had work included in the anthology ‘Fools for love and salt’.  I have also had my poetry appear on,, and have been published in SL magazine.