A breeze of fresh air from The Linen Press

The Linen Press is a new, small publishing company based in Edinburgh has launched its first author.

Breeze From The River Manjeera by Hema Macherla was published on November 1st, 2008. The lavish launch took place in London at The Nehru Centre, on November 5, 2008.

Breeze from the River Manjeera follows the fortunes of a young Indian woman who arrives in the UK to find herself trapped in an abusive, arranged marriage. The delightful, irrepressible Neela escapes her appalling in-laws and violent husband, and starts a journey – which takes her to make friends in a grim block of flats, menial jobs in factories, and to London – where she finally seeks refuge. Macherla came to the UK as a young woman, having had an arranged marriage. Fortunately her experience was a positive one.  She was inspired to write the novel after hearing the heart breaking, personal stories of other Asian women. Macherla was a finalist in the Richard and Judy writers competition.

The Linen Press is a one woman band headed by Lynn Mitchell. The press is based in Edinburgh and is is keen to publish minority groups, especially local women, who are unpublished.

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