Fiction Poems

Bhangra Moves by Sarfraz Ahmed

Coloured fabrics flew through the wind,
Like flags upon a ship,
Music flowed through her body,
Occasionally she’d take a sip,
And if she liked the taste,
She’d hold the music,
For a little longer in her hips,
Now and then she’d tease it out,
Through her fingertips,

Bodies reacting like electricity,
While the music played,
Through the speakers,
Blasting out Punjabi beats,
The D.J caught up in the moment,
Drugged up in the ecstasy,
Of the majesty of what he’s created,

For in this time and place,
He is a God amongst Gods,
A conductor conducting his orchestra,
The vinyls and compact discs,
Create the illusion,
That they cannot resist,
Like a pied piper he took control,
As the women danced,
They played a different role,

Music swept through her,
Like an electricity charge,
She liked it and her intensity enlarged,
She took it to another level,
Dancing faster,
Such intricate moves,
She was living the dream,
On the dance floor,
Burning those bhangra moves.

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