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Children of a lesser God

Images keep taxing my mind
Is this the face of mankind?
Tears frozen amidst the blazing sun
Miles of path, nowhere to run
Dust quietens unheard sighs
Dare I glimpse in their eyes?

Pain puts a barrier clouding their emotion
Happiness…a far fetched notion
Hope shrouded by painful moans
No energy to echo any groans
A generation has passed
A generation will pass
They are still there
Feeling the pain of a lost childhood
Drifting into an old age, without an adult stage

We have everything
They have nothing
My cup overflows
Their cup is non-existent
My heart is aching
Who do I blame in this making?
Or are they the children of a lesser God?
Forgotten in strife
Abandoned in life

A poem dedicated to Children of Africa

Naina Mehta was born in Nairobi, in Kenya.  She is 57 years and enjoys poetry, writing stories and painting.  She is  volunteering work at the moment. She has spent time travelling and has lived in three different countries.

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