Our Editorial Mission

The Asian Writer is the voice of British Asian writing and is for readers and writers interested in South Asian literature. It is both the online magazine and monthly newsletter. It aims to provide a platform for new and emerging writers of South Asian origin as well as showcase their work.

The Asian Writer offers readers an eclectic approach to South Asian writing through profile interviews, Q&A’s, and reviews. It features the latest news, original comment and thoughts on contemporary South Asian literature and publishing as well as practical advice and inspiration.

Our Values

The Asian Writer aims to inspire the next generation of British Asian writers;  profile published writers and offer new and emerging writers a platform to showcase their work.

Our objectives are to:

  • raise the profile of Asian writers and their works
  • discover the best emerging talents and develop their writing skills
  • encourage and inspire writers and nourish creativity
  • champion diversity in publishing
  • publish new writing by British Asian writers, online and in print via Dahlia Publishing

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