Fiction Poems


As I lay here, I feel as if i’m sleeping forever,
The fear of sleeping forever, scares me
It scares me by the way, I hear voices,
Not knowing who it is,
Just laying there sleeping

The sounds of machines beeping
people rushing around weeping
‘He’s gone, she’s gone’
But i’m here just sleeping
wondering whether I’ll be sleeping forever
or will I ever see light again.

My body is numb and lifeless
just sleeping and seeking
I can feel all these tunnels of life within me
but which one do I choose?

I feel my soul walking away from me
I can hear people weeping,
as my machines start beeping

But who are these people,
and what are these machines?
because all I know is
I’m sleeping, sleeping

Written aged 16 Dedicated to my mum

Rani Joshi a twentysomething from Milton Keynes is a sassy, creative and multi-talented business woman. She is a marketing professional and also Founder of ‘Raine Creatives Group’ which manages, develops and releases unsigned music artists. Rani is also a singer, songwriter, dancer and an adoptive mother to her younger sibling, since her mother’s death 10 years ago. With two music singles and album releases on the way, this lady does not stop and neither does her talent.

Here’s what Rani says about poetry:

“Poetry for me is a release, the first ever poem I had written was inspired by my visit to the WWI & WWII cold and muddy solider trenches, an experience I will never forget. ‘Sleeping’ was written when I was 16, it’s a haunting poem about my mother being in intensive care, taking only an assumption of how she must have felt, I wanted to capture the short journey of my mother from being heavily sedated to her final resting moment.”

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