Fiction Poems


By Shruti Parija

Snap went the bond that begun in great revelry
With the umbilical cord
The bond that was meant to nurture
To care, to love, to understand

The yesteryears were proof enough
That the bond God forged was beleaguered
Bit by bit, Piece by Piece
Unstrumming the strings of my essence
Untying the proverbial knot

Here I am
A tattered soul, a battered self
Yearning for your love
For you to comprehend your own flesh
To make amends
To extend a hand of friendship and of warmth

Green eyed I turn
At the sight of an outstretched hand
Resentful I alter to
At the mention of an Achates turned maternal string
Envisioning my own self
In the footsteps of the blessed child

No cry as loud
No craving as strong
Lacerated I have been
Bruised I have been
Since the bond went snap
Since the revelry died

A glorious death indeed
A million times over
Washing me away in its shores of fury
The wrath exemplified
The sorrow unimaginable


Shruti Parija is a writer in the making. She is based in Mumbai and pursuing her masters at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She blogs at and tweets at @shrutiparija


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