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Book review: A Cure for a Crime by Roopa Farooki

The cover

A Summary

The Cure For a Crime is about the twins, Ali and Tulip, whose Mum has got a strange new boyfriend, Brian Sturgeon the Brain Surgeon. Suddenly Mum falls ill, a fever maybe? No, it is a strange new virus and Brian Sturgeon is No.1 on the twins’ suspect list. Oh no, now Mum’s ‘sleepy sickness’ is spreading into school! The ‘Double Detectives’ are on it, with their ‘frenemies’, Zac & Jay (and Witch the ‘Ali-cat’).

The Characters

I think my favourite character is Ali. She is sarcastic and a bit rude at first but she gets kinder throughout the book. She is smart, good at thinking of ideas, and a little bit sassy too! Together, Tulip and Ali make quite a team with Tulip being kind, friendly and helpful.


I would recommend this book to any child since it is funny, unputdownable and you don’t want it to end! I was lured in as soon as I had read the title! If you aren’t reading anything at the moment and want an interesting book to read, choose this one!


I rate this book 5/5.

Reviewed by  Mihika Bhattacharya

Mihika is 9. She loves reading adventure, fantasy and detective stories. She can bake great chocolate brownies and can kind of speak 3 languages. 

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