Desi DNA – Asian Brit Lit

If you missed Desi DNA when it was on first time round then now is the time to play catch up! Nikki Bedi talks to Sarfraz Manzoor, Greetings from Bury Park (2007), the controversial Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal, Tourism (2006) and Gautam Malkani, Londonstani (2006) to discuss Asian writers and authenticity.

Should we play the race card to get a publishing deal? According to Dhaliwal its the way forward. Manzoor disagrees and believes we should write from personal experience and that is essentially what a publisher is looking for. While Malkani agrees, the Cambridge educated jounalist from the Financial Times argues we should write about what we want, he did choose to write about Asian rudeboys after all. Watch the video and see what you make of three of the biggest Asian literary sensations of late. Enjoy!


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