Jaffrey to launch new curry title

(c) Frank Herdholt

Madhur Jaffrey will launch her new cook book, Curry Nation at the Bishopsgate Institute this month (October 17).

In her only London event this year,  the Queen of Curry will share stories about her journey taken across Britain, as part of a major new series with the Good Food Channel. Jaffrey explores her native cuisine and the impact it has had on the nation, in conversation with comedian, chef and TV presenter Singh Kohli. Together they will examine historical and cuisine-based links between the two regions.

Other pre-festival highlights include the launch of Samit Basu’s novel, Turbulence and Nikki Bedi in conversation with Sir Mark Tully. The pre-festival events will close with Anne de Courcy exploring the reality of life during the Raj for countless young women in search of romance and adventure in India, while Britain’s most eligible young men were running the country.

During October a series of introductory writing classes for aspiring writers is also set to take place. Workshops will be led by Preti Taneja, poet Avaes Mohammad and  Sarwat Chadda.

To find out more about any of the pre-festival events taking before this year’s South Asian Literature Festival and to book tickets please visit the Festival website here.

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